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How Much Does Paparazzi Jewelry Cost?

One thing for sure, you don’t have to break your piggy bank.

When you shop through smJewleryAccents, most Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 without taxes or shipping. The $5 price tag makes buying accessories affordable. Instead of buying a new outfit, you could accent your current wardrobe with jewelry that costs $5 to give yourself a fresh look.

As I mentioned, most Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 except the Zi Collection and the Starlet Shimmer items.

  • The Zi Collection showcases bold statement necklace sets which cost $25 without taxes or shipping. Currently, this collection offers the 2018 signature series of necklaces with matching earrings. Of course, when the new 2019 Zi Collection arrives, a blog post will be prepared, hopefully, in the fall.
  • The Starlet Shimmer necklaces, rings and bracelets for girls can only be purchased through a Paparazzi Independent Consultant if the Consultant offers it. The Starlet Shimmer merchandise could sale for at least $1 if not more depending on the consultant.

When you shop online through smJewelryAccents.com, the majority of Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 plus taxes and shipping.

It’s Official, smJewelryAccents Blog is Operational

Finally, I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog to my site. I always wanted an easy way to share information with others. I am super excited to start this journey. Read this blog to obtain the latest news about jewelry accessories, get questions answered and who knows, you might see something about business and technology. This should be interesting so keep coming back to smJewelryAccents.com and check for blog updates