Now You Can Buy the Complete Blockbuster Collection

Are you looking for versatility, elegance or something whimsical then the Blockbuster Collection is for you.  The Complete Blockbuster Collection includes one complete set of Paparazzi’s bestsellers! Are you ready to take your look to the next level?  To see these stylish accessories click here then click on the menu bars at the top of the next page, click “Shop” and click on Blockbusters. To buy the entire Blockbuster Collection click here.   Buy the Complete Blockbuster Collection or choose the individual pieces that you like.  With the complete collection, you will have most items you need to update and enhance any outfit.

There are about 53 accessories in the Complete Blockbuster Collection, which includes one of each of:

A Fan Of The Tribe
A Golden Spell
All Cozied Up
All The Trimmings – Black
All The Trimmings – Brown
All The Trimmings – Ivory
All The Trimmings – Pink
All The Trimmings – Purple
A Silver Spell
A Warm Welcome
Break A Leg!
Blinding Brilliance – White
Charmed, I Am Sure – Black
Charmed, I Am Sure – Brown
Designated Diva – White
Fishing For Compliments – Gold
Fishing For Compliments – Silver
“GLAZE” of Glory – Black
“GLAZE” of Glory – Blue
“GLAZE” of Glory – Peach
GLITZY By Association – Black
GLITZY By Association – Gunmetal
GLITZY By Association – White
Global Glamour
Hollywood Hills
Hypnotized – Gold
Hypnotized – Silver
I Do
In Good “GLAZES” – Black
In Good “GLAZES” – Blue
In Good “GLAZES” – Peach
Just In TIMELESS – Gold
Just In TIMELESS – White
Kaleidoscopically Captivating
Lady In Waiting
Lights! Camera! Action!
Love Story
Old Hollywood
Miss YOU-niverse
River Ride
“SCARF”ed for Attention – Gold
“SCARF”ed for Attention – Gunmetal
“SCARF”ed for Attention – Silver
Show-Stopping Shimmer – White
Spellbinding Sparkle – White
The Millionaire’s Club – White
The Sands of Time – Gold
The Sands of Time – Silver
Toast To Perfection – Gold
Toast To Perfection – White
Total Eclipse of the Heart – Black
What A Gem