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Mayan Magic – Black

This necklace set is only $5, without the tax and shipping. To buy now, click the button that says “SHOP HERE”.  After you click “SHOP HERE” (1) you are taken to a page that gives you the jewelry description, (2) you can enter the quantity you want or (3) you can browse the shop to see other accessories that may be of interest to you. Click the “Shop Here” button to continue.**

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The Zi Collection 2020 Is Here!

At last, the Zi Collection 2020 has arrived, which means you can buy them now.  These new statement necklaces with matching earrings have a bolder look.  The Zi Collection necklace sets are named after a top earning independent consultant within Paparazzi.  You can buy one of these bold necklace sets for only $25.   Please click here to see the Zi Collection 2020 so you can find a fabulous accent that’s right for your style.

How I Got Started with Paparazzi

When I first considered Paparazzi jewelry, I went through a transformation in clothing from professional wear to comfortable casual; I realized I had stopped wearing jewelry except for a pair of earrings. Then one day I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to enhance the drab look I was seeing. I took my Jewelry out of hiding so I could start wearing jewelry again.

One day, I came across Paparazzi on the internet and it intrigued me. I realized I could dress up my style for the fraction of the cost of fine jewelry. The jewelry is trendy yet fashionable and only costs $5, plus I can sell it too. It was a year before I said why not join? After joining, it was hard at first to let go of the jewelry since I wanted it all for myself. I had to make an agreement with myself, that if I wanted the jewelry, then I have to pay $5. I did this after I got my collection together. Yes, I had to disciple myself. Finally, I sold the jewelry to others. It became easier to order and sell the jewelry since I had to think of someone else besides myself.

When I joined paparazzi in January 2019, I didn’t have high expectations about the quality. I am amazed that my collection of jewelry is still holding up. I had two or three pieces where I had to fix with my pliers. That didn’t bother me since I was fixing some of my fine jewelry and I figured for $5 I can get something new. This was my justification, so I can buy something new instead of having to wear the same thing.

With fine jewelry, I have gold, silver, pearls and a very limited amount of precious gems. Now with Paparazzi I can afford to add different colors and not fret about if something happens to the accessory, unlike a fine piece of jewelry.

I am enjoy wearing it. I now take the time to put myself together by accessorizing my outfits with jewelry. It’s like my personal care routine. With all the black that I wear, it is refreshing to know I can add some sparkle to my life with affordable fashion jewelry so I can look good. Without it, I would wear the same old stuff and looking kind of drab. I found that when I take the time to care for myself I’m in a better frame of mind. It’s fun to put myself together, to allow the creative juices to flow by mixing and matching to achieve a coordinated look.

Even if I didn’t sell Paparazzi, I would still buy it for myself. The selection of jewelry for $5 can take me from casual to business meetings to a formal affair. Then I found out about the Zi Collection, which are bolder statement pieces of jewelry which include a necklace and matching earrings that cost $25. I bought a few pieces for myself, which I am glad I did. The 2020 Zi Collection will arrive on the scene this fall. I can’t wait. Even at $25, it’s still a bargain. So instead of buying higher priced fine jewelry, I spend less and the difference I can use to fund other goals in my life.

The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped me from wearing jewelry, but it has altered how I sell the Paparazzi Accessories brand from in person to online. This has been a change and a learning experience.

So now you know how I got started. You too can look good with jewelry accents from Paparazzi Accessories at prices you can afford.