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This weeks featured accessory comes from the New Releases Category

Vintage Vineyard – Silver


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Paparazzi Shipping Information for Online Orders by Customers

Where We Ship
Paparazzi Accessories ships to the United states, Puerto Rico and Guam including APO.

Order Processing Time
Normally, after they receive the order, the processing time is 72 business hours before they ship the order. Because of the times we live due to COVID-19, expect longer processing times.

•Shipping Time
Once your order leaves our warehouse, you may expect delivery time within 5 business days.

•Shipping Method
They will ship your order through Federal Express Ground or United States Postal Service depending on which is most efficient for Paparazzi. Please use a shipping address that FedEx or USPS can deliver to.

•Shipping Costs
The $5.95 shipping cost is not per piece of jewelry that you buy. You pay a flat fee of $5.95 for orders that are less than $100. You are eligible for FREE shipping, if your order is $100 or more.

Your patience is appreciated, as we prepare your order for shipment as quickly as possible and return to our standard processing time, thank you.

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Father’s Day Gift Idea

You have been considering giving your father the gift of Jewelry.  Look at the Uniquely Urban Collection for affordable pieces.  With pricing starting at $5, you can splurge and get dad a couple of gift items.  Not to sure what to select, think about buying a bracelet or two.  Click here to see the difference that the `Outdoor Expedition – Brown’ bracelet can make in giving your father a cool look.  

Changing Times

I don’t know about you but I have been going through some changes. 

The first change has been life transforming.  You guessed it the coronavirus.  With the COVID-19, you need to wash your hands more, social distance at least 6 feet, wear a face mask or face covering, think about wearing gloves, work schedule changes and work location changes.  Shopping at a grocery store has been a unique experience.   Stand in line before being allowed to enter the grocery store.   One has to adjust to the stay-at-home order. Next on the list, will adjust to the reopening of the economy.  Change after change. 

The second change is replacing the smJewelryAccents website.    That’s right, I changed the website into a blog.  This was unexpected.  Talking about starting over.  I had to begin with a new template design and re-input all the content. Fortunately, I could use the copy and paste method.  Hopefully, you will like the look and feel of the new blog layout.   

As I reflect on these changes, all I can say is WOW.  It’s been a learning experience.  Enjoy the posts and stay safe.