Back-to-School Items to Consider

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Why not create a Father’s Day gift box with various items or add a trinket to complement a main gift. Look for Father’s Day items using the following search terms, click on link below or click on image above:

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About Iris Fashion Jewelry

Iris Fashion jewelry offers the hottest and latest trends along with some timeless favorites all at an amazing price.  They are located in Sanford, Florida.  Iris Fashion Jewelry does not operate any retail stores.  You can obtain its fashion jewelry, accessories and other items online through their website or an independent consultant.     Checkout  our various categories and see how you can look good for less. 

Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2021

Why wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?  It is a time-honored tradition to wear green so that you don’t get pinched by leprechauns.  Leprechauns can’t see those who are adorned in green.  Save yourself some pinches by going green on St. Paddy’s Day.  Even though the leprechauns can’t see you, you have become tired of looking at the same green outfit.  Why not try one of our green showcased accent pieces to revive your look?  If you can’t change the outfit, try different accessories.