How I Got Started with Selling Fashion Jewelry

When I first considered selling jewelry, I went through a transformation in clothing from professional wear to comfortable casual; I realized I had stopped wearing jewelry except for a pair of earrings. Then one day I looked in the mirror and realized I needed to enhance the drab look I was seeing. I took my Jewelry out of hiding so I could start wearing jewelry again.

One day, I came across selling fashion jewelry on the internet and it intrigued me. I realized I could dress up my style for the fraction of the cost of fine jewelry. The jewelry is trendy yet fashionable and most only costs $5, plus I can sell it too. It was a year later that I decided to sell fashion jewelry. After joining my first $5 jewelry company, it was hard at first to let go of the jewelry since I wanted it all for myself. I had to make an agreement with myself, that if I wanted the jewelry, then I have to pay $5. I did this after I got my collection together. Yes, I had to discipline myself. Finally, I sold the jewelry to others. It became easier to order and sell the jewelry since I had to think of someone else besides myself.

When I started in January 2019, I didn’t have high expectations about the quality. I am amazed that my collection of jewelry is still holding up. I had two or three pieces where I had to fix with my pliers. That didn’t bother me since I was fixing some of my fine jewelry and I figured for $5 I can get something new. This was my justification, so I can buy something new instead of having to wear the same thing.

With fine jewelry, I have gold, silver, pearls and a very limited amount of precious gems. Now with fashion jewelry I can afford to add different colors and not fret about if something happens to the accessory, unlike a fine piece of jewelry.

I am enjoy wearing it. I now take the time to put myself together by accessorizing my outfits with jewelry. It’s like my personal care routine. With all the black that I wear, it is refreshing to know I can add some sparkle to my life with affordable fashion jewelry so I can look good. Without it, I would wear the same old stuff and looking kind of drab. I found that when I take the time to care for myself I’m in a better frame of mind. It’s fun to put myself together, to allow the creative juices to flow by mixing and matching to achieve a coordinated look.

Even if I didn’t sell affordable fashion jewelry, I would still buy it for myself. The selection of jewelry for $5 can take me from casual to business meetings to a formal affair. Then in 2022 I found another company that not only had $5 fashion jewelry but offered jewelry at $10 as well plus other accessories and merchandise. So instead of buying higher priced fine jewelry, I spend less and the difference I can use to fund other goals in my life.

The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped me from wearing jewelry, but it has altered how I sell the fashion jewelry from in person to online. This has been a change and a learning experience.

So now you know how I got started. You too can look good with fashion jewelry accents at prices you can afford.