How Much Does Paparazzi Jewelry Cost?

One thing for sure, you don’t have to break your piggy bank.

When you shop through smJewleryAccents, most Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 without taxes or shipping. The $5 price tag makes buying accessories affordable. Instead of buying a new outfit, you could accent your current wardrobe with jewelry that costs $5 to give yourself a fresh look.

As I mentioned, most Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 except the Zi Collection and the Starlet Shimmer items.

  • The Zi Collection showcases bold statement necklace sets which cost $25 without taxes or shipping. Currently, this collection offers the 2018 signature series of necklaces with matching earrings. Of course, when the new 2019 Zi Collection arrives, a blog post will be prepared, hopefully, in the fall.
  • The Starlet Shimmer necklaces, rings and bracelets for girls can only be purchased through a Paparazzi Independent Consultant if the Consultant offers it. The Starlet Shimmer merchandise could sale for at least $1 if not more depending on the consultant.

When you shop online through, the majority of Paparazzi jewelry costs $5 plus taxes and shipping.


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